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How to Build a Dog Kennel

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A dog kennel provides a dog with its own space. He stays healthy and happy as he has his own space to run around and move freely. Moreover, you do not have to worry about collecting dog poop from various different corners of your home. Most people prefer buying dog kennels from pet stores, however, what most people do not know is that it is very easy to build a dog kennel on your own. It is way cheaper than buying one and you can customize it according to the needs and requirements of your dog. Minor details may also help in keeping your pet happy and comfortable. You are its master and you will know its habits, likes and dislikes.

How To Build A Dog Kennel on Your Own

1) First of all, you should check for zoning rules and regulations. Most of the urban or suburban areas have strict zoning regulations and laws. This will limit the size and type of your dog pens or kennel. You should gather information about these rules before you start making a kennel for your dog. A housing board or perhaps a local city council office will provide you with all the information that you need regarding zoning regulations and laws.

2) Once you are clear about the laws, you should accurately measure the whole area where you want to build the kennel. You should consider different sections of the kennel, like eating area or dog house. These should also be measured accurately. You should also decide on what all you would like to include. Make sure there is enough space for your dog to run freely. You should also take into account the kennel distance from any neighboring property.

3) The next step is to buy quality materials from a reputed pet store. You should make sure that you choose the right kind of flooring and walls according to the climate in your area and the size of your kennel. You should also buy fences which do not have any sharp edges. Non toxic plastic coating would be best, as this would also save your dog from rust. Make sure that the lock is easily operable, but cannot be opened by your dog.

4) A shaded as well as an open area is necessary for your dog. While building dog pens or kennels, you should make sure that your dog is able to access sunlight as well as shade. You can build the kennel near a tree for natural shade or you can use light durable material and cover certain areas of the kennel. Moreover, there should also be a high ground or a platform inside the kennel where your dog can rest when it is raining.

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