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Guest Post: Why Crating is Right for Your Dog

For whatever reason crate training has a bit of a tarnished reputation.  Perhaps it’s the misguided and often contradictory information or maybe the bad examples set by some who, knowingly or not, lock their dog in the crate for hours on end.  And that’s unfortunate as crate training has a slew of benefits.

Misinformation aside, leading dog behaviorists and trainers recommend the use of crates as they help mimic the natural dog environment.  According to renowned veterinary behaviorist and Program Director of the behavior center at Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, “Dogs, like their wild ancestors, instinctively want to seek shelter, even in the house. If not provided, they will create it themselves under a table, chair or bed. A crate serves as a den for the domesticated dog.”  Ever wonder why your dog hunkers under the table and not their fancy, plush dog bed?!

Following vs. going against natural behavioral instincts that have been engraved for centuries will ensure a happy, well acclimated dog.  In addition to providing shelter that mimics their ancestral environment crate training is great for:


As most dogs will do anything possible to avoid eliminating in their special place (the crate), proper crate training can quickly and easily teach your dog to hold it while indoors.  Of course accidents are bound to happen, especially with young puppies, so exercise patience coupled with positive reinforcement, consistency, and love.

Traveling with your dog

More and more hotels and destinations are becoming dog friendly, which is great for Fido and owner alike.  However, the travel process itself can be stressful and even unsafe if your dog isn’t secured.  Accordingly, experts recommend using the crate in the car and tying it down securely so crate and dog won’t shift during sudden stops or turns.

Offering security at home and away

Whether at home or in a dog friendly hotel, dogs love to have a place to call their own.  If traveling with your dog you should already have the crate in tow (see above), so bring his or her bedroom into your room!  If at home the crate offers an ideal retreat from fearful noises like thunder or loud rambunctious children.

Of course, following expert advice and exercising common sense is the best way to ensure crate training is a fun bonding process that’s rooted in success.  Give it a try and see just how happy your dog becomes!

This post was contributed by guest writer Eric Bogard of Pet Dreams, designers and producers of high quality, affordable dog beds.  The company actively advocates proper, humane dog training for all owners.  For additional information please visit their site

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