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Keeping Pets Calm on the 4th of July

Many people bring in their animals and try to soothe them during thunder and lightning storms but what about the 4th of July? Sometimes we get caught up in our own plans we forget to think about our pet’s anxiety during this holiday. Dogs can become especially stressed and display behaviors such as digging, destroying the house, jumping out of windows and other extreme actions.

With the 4thof July right around the corner owners need to take necessary precautions in order to prepare their furry friends. Here are some helpful tips to keeping them stress free on Independence Day:

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  • Keep your pets inside and if possible not alone
  • Do what you can to make them feel safe (crate, safe place)
  • Drown out the fireworks by closing windows, turning on TV, radio, etc.
  • Display calm behavior
  • Never leave alcoholic beverages within reach

It is also wise to get your pet micro-chipped just in case they escape due to panicking. The most common runaway pets found in animal shelters are:

Cat Breeds:

  • Persian
  • Siamese
  • Domestic Short Hair

Dog Breeds:

What are your plans for the 4th of July and how are you going to prepare for your pet’s safety?

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