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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Osteosarcoma

This week’s featured pet insurance claim is for DauDau the 12-year-old Standard Schnauzer. DauDau was diagnosed with cancer of the jaw bone in March and has been receiving ongoing treatment since. For this particular claim, DauDau spent several days at

Cat Insurance for the Russian Blue

If you’ve never had experience with a Russian Blue cat and you are contemplating getting one you might want to know some tips to keeping them healthy and happy. These cats originated in northern Russia and are also known as

Featured Pet Insurance Review – Outstanding

10/10 Outstanding We lucked into Trupanion because they offers a free month w Hen we took our new pup for her first checkup. Fortunately we never cancelled. Our pup had giardiasis, a broken leg and some weird and frightening “episodes”

This Week in Testimoinals – 7/20

Tonight is a rough night. My cat, Liam, was admitted into Oklahoma State Veterinary Teaching Hospital. They believe he developed a urinary plug due to his Idiopathic Cystitis. I am grateful for the talented veterinarians and students caring for him.

Guest Post: Why Crating is Right for Your Dog

For whatever reason crate training has a bit of a tarnished reputation.  Perhaps it’s the misguided and often contradictory information or maybe the bad examples set by some who, knowingly or not, lock their dog in the crate for hours