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Patriotic Pets Honorable Mentions

Lillie and Ronan celebrate Independence Day, sent in by Jani W.
Dallas celebrates Canada Day, sent in by Renee M.
Nova celebrated Canada Day, sent in by Harpreet S.
Rory celebrates Independence day, sent in by Kathy K.
Stella celebrates the 4th! -Sandy

Holiday Celebration Pet Safety Tips:

  • Leave the TV on, turn on the bedroom fans, music, etc… or anything that helps muffle sound from the outside.
  • Don’t use leftover medication from someone else’s dog to keep your dog calm.  Always check with your own vet since each dog may react differently and need a different amount of medication.
  • Be careful what you toss to your dog. Hot dogs and chicken bones can cause your dog to choke.
  • Product suggestion: Rescue remedy for dogs by Bach. I would rub in a drop or two on her ears and it would calm her she didn’t like fireworks.
  • Keep dogs on a leash during fireworks – even if they’re not afraid. That way you stay in control if the dog is spooked or tried to eat a firework
Tallulah Belle celebrating the 4th, -sent in by Mary
Shadow is a proud pup. Shared by Christine A.
Edger celebrated Canada Day, sent in by Danielle

Update: This photo was shared for our Summertime pets giveaway but I had to include it on this post!

Sami and Sofi celebrating Canada Day, Kristy S.

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