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Pet of the Week: Allie

This sweet pup is Allie, this week’s Pet of the Week!

Allie after her surgery

Our family’s newest member is Allie, a puppy Labradoodle. We decided to get pet insurance because we know the early years of a puppy’s life sometimes brings accidents or requires special healthcare.  After researching pet insurance options, Trupanion was the obvious best choice, and we signed up Allie for coverage.  Not long after, Allie developed a hernia.  This was frightening because she had not been in our family for long and we were concerned for her health.

Trupanion stepped right up and delivered very prompt and courteous services.  As advertised, Trupanion paid 90% of Allie’s healthcare related to the claim.  We were very pleased at the level of concern they showed along the way through Allie’s surgery and aftercare.  We are grateful for Trupanion for helping us feel assured that Allie’s health is a priority to them.

We are so glad to hear that she is doing well after a recent surgery. Thank you Joshua for sharing Allie’s story and her adorable photo!


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