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Rescuing Coco


Rescuing Coco
Photo Courtesty of SCRAPS

Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service (SCRAPS) rescued a German Shepherd named “Coco” on July 18, 2012. The owners reported their dog had become trapped in some rocks and was unable to escape. The SCRAPS Animal Protection Officers Nicole Montano and Francie Rapier joined forces with recruits from the Spokane Valley Fire Department while they climbed up a rocky hillside to find where Coco was trapped. They found the dog trapped in a rock crevice and the dog’s head was stuck about two feet into the hole.


Rescuing Coco
Photo Courtesy of SCRAPS

With the firefighters help, Francie Rapier climbed into the hole and freed the dog within 20 minutes. Evidently Coco had chased a porcupine into the hole, because when they pulled her out, she had a mouthful of quills! (Read another true story of a porcupine encounter here.) After a closer look the team could see the porcupine keeping cover in the hole, merely out of the dogs grasp.



Coco was rescued by SCRAPS
Photo Courtesy of SCRAPS

Coco was safely returned to her owners and has been taken to a veterinarian to remove the quills. Has your dog or cat ever been in a tricky situation like this one?

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