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Study: Babies in Dog-Friendly Households are Healthier

A recent study has swept the news vine this week, suggesting that babies living in a household with dogs are likely to be more healthy than babies living in homes without dogs.  The Finnish study found that babies of dog-friendly homes had fewer ear infections, fewer colds, and needed fewer antibiotics in their first year of life than their dog-less counterparts.

The study followed 397 Finnish babies from the third trimester of pregnancy through their first year of life with parents filling out weekly diaries on their child’s health and contact with pets.

While households with cats showed similar effects, it was not nearly as strong as households with dogs. Researcher Eija Bergroth, MD, of Finland’s Kuopio University Hospital told WebMD, “The strongest effect was seen with dog contacts. We do not know why it was stronger than with cat contacts. It might have something to do with dirt brought inside by the dogs, especially since the strongest protective effect was seen with children living in houses where dogs spent a lot of time outside.”

There are many health benefits of owning a pet and this study only adds more proof. I would definitely agree that pets positively contribute to our mental and physical well-being!

Read the full article on WebMD.

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One Response to Study: Babies in Dog-Friendly Households are Healthier

  1. DogWonderful says:

    Great news for dog owners who are expecting!

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