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Summertime Pets: Honorable Mentions

There’s no better way to celebrate summertime than with awesome summer pet pictures! Over the past week, you sent in your furry, warm outdoors, cool indoors pet pictures to enter this week’s giveaway. One winner will be randomly selected, but in the meantime, we have put together some of our favorites. Check them out:

Fluffy white cat asleep on its back Trupanion

Holly is staying cool in the summer, shared by Leslie B.

Dachshund on the beach Trupanion

Mia celebrated her 2nd birthday at the beach! From Jennifer Z.

Miniature huskies on beach blanket Trupanion

Kissko and Delilah enjoy the beach! From Nathalie L.

chocolate lab labrador retriever dog jump dock lake water swim pet insurance Trupanion

Zoey jumping off the dock, shared by Jennifer C.

Cat caught sneaking food off picnic table Trupanion

Seymour wanting to join the dinner party, shared by Renee B.

Dog levitating to catch ball thrown by cute little girl Trupanion

Jumping Dutch the dog, shared by Denny L.

Dog diving into swimming pool Trupanion

Vixen takes a leap, shared by Debra B.

dachshund dog summer smell flowers pet insurance Trupanion

Lucy Lu smelling the flowers, shared by Leah C.

Pomeranian pups in a floating donut on the water Trupanion

Dinglehopper and Razzleberry enjoy the beach, shared by Michelle D.

Bulldog enjoying cooling water spray Trupanion

Lola enjoys a nice misting, shared by Marsha V.

Bulldog on floating pool mattress Trupanion

Winston knows how to stay cool, shared by Rachelle M.

Cat on a hammock Trupanion

Harley enjoying the hammock, shared by Catherine M.

We received SO many wonderful, hilarious, amazing, adorable pet photos for this giveaway and wish that we could have shared them all on this post, but then it would have taken forever for them all to load. 🙂 Thank you so very much to everyone who participated!

Our randomly selected winner:

Black lab head up tracking a bird Trupanion

Shilo watching a bird, shared by Dr. Waterhouse, DVM

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