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Tru Interview: Greg with Bronco and Snickers

Next in our Tru Interview series we have Greg Brumann who introduces us to his two adorable beagles, Bronco and Snickers.

Greg, Bronco, and Snickers
Greg with Bronco and Snickers

What is your background? How are you involved with pets?
I am a 30 year old marketing specialist from Alaska, living near Seattle, Washington for the last 10 years.  I am a proud pet owner of two beagle best friends and brothers.

Do you have pets of your own and what are their stories?
I do, I have two awesome beagle babies!  Bronco and Snickers.  They are both about to turn three.  They remind me of the movie “Step Brothers” because they bonded as soon as I brought Bronco home last summer.  They do everything together.  I’ve had Snickers since he was a puppy, and I adopted Bronco last summer.  They are about a week apart in age.  Snickers is named after the candy bar and is the trouble maker of the two.  While Bronco is named after the Boise State Broncos, and is very laid back, and chill.  Both boys are lovers.

Favorite dog breed? Why? Cat breed?
The beagle of course.  They are amazing creatures.  Loving, beautiful, and just awesome dogs.  Cat?  Any.  My mom in Idaho has several.  When I was little, I rescued a 3 legged cat!

Do you tend to give your pets human names?
Snickers’ nicknames are fatboy (he’s a little on the chunk side) doo-doo because he’s always in some type of trouble.

Bronco’s nicknames are handsome man man, Bronco nation (best college football team)

If your animal had a human job what do you think it would be?
Snickers- Model.  He likes to pose for pictures.  And all the dogs love him when we are at the dog park.

Bronco-  well I believe Bronco is a little on the feminine side.  Which makes up his sweet demeanor.  If he were a human and had to work,  I believe he would be an up and coming fashion designer.  With the greatest looks around!

What is your favorite animal on TV or in the movies?

A big thank you to Greg for sharing his story! If you are interested in participating in the Tru Interview Series, please email me at

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