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Tru Interview: Jennifer with Frank, Mittens & Hunny

I would like to introduce you to Jennifer Rose, the newest pet owner for our Tru Interview series. Jennifer is the proud owner of a Pug and two cats. When she isn’t chasing around her furry family, she spends her days at AD-MARK Promotional Products, which offers over 750,000 products to promote your business or organization.

Dog and Cats on Couch
All three of Jennifer's pets lounge around the house.

What is your background? How are you involved with pets?

I actually never really grew up having any pets. I had a rabbit, and a dog, and a cat each for about 2 months by the time I was 19. My mom is not an animal person and we moved a lot so I didn’t really have any animals even though I loved all of them dearly. My husband thankfully is a big animal lover like me and he promised me we could have them in our life together. Our pets are our babies, with no human ones of our own we love having our house filled with our fur-babies. Also, I went thru the training to be a volunteer and advocate for Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital here in Portland and we are active supporters of the Oregon Humane Society.

Do you have pets of your own? What are their stories?

Cat Mittens

We got married in 2002, and within a few months we adopted our cat Mittens from Multnomah County Animal Shelter, who was already 1.5 at the time. She was a capture and did not have a good kittenhood; she also has 7 toes on her front feet and 6 on her back ones. She was mean, scratched and bit at the shelter, she would have been euthanized had we not saved her because no one would take her. Actually when we went in and she seemed very at ease with us and hadn’t been with ANYone else, they even said, “You have to take this cat, she already loves you”. We kept her name because she already responded to it, and had been through so much. We feel we have given her an amazing adult life, though she still is very wary of most other people that aren’t us.

Frank Pug

The next year (on New Year’s Day) we adopted our pug, from neighbors who had had a litter of 4 pugs. 3 were cream and one was black; so they were named Frank, Dean, Joey & Sammy Davis after the Rat Pack. We chose Frank Sinatra (or my husband says he chose me since when we were on the floor with all of them he crawled into my lap and wouldn’t leave), since he was the biggest and had the best markings AND was much more active and we thought would do well with our active lifestyle. Frank is a trooper, goes on hikes, camping, kayaking and boating – he’s quite a bit more active than most pugs. To know him is to love him, and hopefully we will get him into the Delta Society program soon so he can be a therapy dog, now that he’s grown out of his excited puppy stage, and he’s very smart and knew all his commands before he was 6 months old.

Cat Hunny

About 4-5 years ago, I got an email saying friends of friends went into their barn and found a litter of kittens that some feral cat left inside of a wall. They emailed me pictures at work, which I emailed to my husband and it was all over! We went and picked her up a couple days later. Her foot was a little mangled when they pulled her out of the wall. For that they had named her Foote, but she was SO sweet and while she was striped and brown, she had these yellow honey colored spots on her, so we changed her name to Hunny (after the Pooh Bear spelling) that day and she has been our Wild Child ever since. Oh and you wouldn’t even know her foot was bad – when she was a baby she made a full recovery from that.

What’s strange is that we have the perfect little tri-fecta of pets, they all get along perfectly, but if we bring any other animals into the mix, everyone seems to break down – well Frank’s good with everyone, but the cats get really stressed out. We consider ourselves very lucky.

What is your favorite dog breed and why? Cat breed?

Believe it or not, my favorite breed is not a pug – even though I am a huge fan of them since we got one! My favorite dog of ANY breed is a Bernese Mountain Dog. I think they are the most GORGEOUS animals and look so regal with their tricolor coat. They’re big, but gentle giants and very loving to their families. Unfortunately they are quite big and only live 5-7 years; I just don’t think my heart could handle loving something for such a short amount of time. {The whole reason we got pugs and cats is because they all can live 15-20 years!}

I think my favorite cat breed is angora, but only because they have beautiful blue eyes and long coats; but the downside is that they have beautiful long coats; and I think they’d be more maintenance than I would like. I think most cats (outside of the hairless ones) are pretty though.

Do you tend to give your pets human names (i.e. Sophia, George) or pet names (i.e. Bandit, Shadow)?

Well, probably half and half – Dogs seem to have more people names (my other dog when I was little was Mindy) – and I’ve never had cats until now and we usually name them on their personalities.

If your dog/cat was a human, what do you think his/her profession would be?

Frank would make the best Tour Guide, he LOVES people and loves to travel and experience new things and if he had a voice, he would tell everyone all about it!

Who is your favorite TV/movie animal (i.e. Snoopy, the Geico gecko, Lady or the Tramp)?

Milo & Otis definitely! What’s better than a pug dog and orange cat who are best friends?

A big thank you to Jennifer for sharing her story. If you are interested in participating in our Tru Interview series, please email me at

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