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Tru Interview: Kristina with Winston

Next in our Tru Interview series I’d like to introduce you to Kristina, who shares her life with one lucky cat named Sofie.

What is your background? How are you involved with pets?

I have been involved with pets throughout my whole childhood. When I was about 3 or 4 my parents had a Siamese cat named Emily and a parrot. About 10 years later, after Emily died, my parents bought me another kitten named Sofie. Then, when I was 5 we got a puppy named Buddy. Buddy was my childhood dog and lived until about age 15.  Winston is the dog in the picture with me and we got him for my dad, I believe the Christmas of 2009. He is a yellow lab/blue heeler mix and my dad named him Winston after George Winston Harrison from The Beatles. I think he is around a year and a half in this picture and he used to be quite the trouble maker tearing everything up in the house!

Kristina McGee blog for Trupanion
Kristina and her Dad, Buz, with Winston

Do you have pets of your own? What are their stories?

I have a Persian cat named Sofie, but since I am in college, she lives with my dad.

What is your favorite dog breed and why? Cat breed?

My favorite dog breed would probably have to be Labrador or Golden Retrievers, just because they are so fun-loving, family obedient, and extremely smart.

Do you tend to give your pets human names (i.e. Sophia, George) or pet

names (i.e. Bandit, Shadow)?

We have given our cats, Emily and Sofie, human names but we gave our dog, Buddy, a pet name.

If your dog/cat was a human, what do you think his/her profession would be?

If my cat were a human, I think she would be a celebrity. She is very stuck up and thinks she is better than any other human or animal.

Who is your favorite TV/movie animal (i.e. Snoopy, the Geico gecko, Lady or the Tramp)?

My favorite T.V. animals are the ones that appear on Animal Cops on the Animal Planet channel because they are saved from abuse or neglect and are given second chances for new homes and owners, and it is a very heart felt show.

A big thank you to Kristina for sharing her story! If you are interested in participating in the Tru Interview Series, please email me at



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