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Bruno’s Life-Saving Pet Insurance Story


I have to add my comments to the many who have thanked you for your service.  My pit bull Bruno had a simple case of indigestion.  As dogs do when they have tummy aches, he started eating grass.  But grass turned into bushes, which turned into twigs, and then branches.  The more vegetation he ate, the sicker he felt, and the more he ate. Bruno is the kind of dog  who is always at the door to happily greet me when I come home from work.  So when he wasn’t there one day, I knew something was wrong.  I eventually found him lying underneath a bush, unable to get up.  I took him to an Emergency Veterinary Clinic where I was informed of what was wrong.. Both openings of his stomach had been blocked by the twigs and other indigestible matter he had eaten.  Efforts to try to pass the vegetation through his system were not successful and I was told he could only survive with surgery.

I never would have realized the amount of relief I could have felt knowing that I had insured my dog.  This news would have been devastating to me if I did not have help to pay for the cost of his surgery.  At over $3,000, the cost would not only have wiped out my savings, but forced me into more debt than I could manage right now.  But to think of losing this wonderful, trusting, and loving companion over financial hardship was equally unthinkable.

Fortunately, that difficult choice did not have to be made because Trupanion delivered completely and quickly on all the promises they make about their coverage.  My claim was handled by a wonderful adjuster who communicated with me regularly, was friendly, professional and completely reassuring.

Bruno is fully recovered now, and back to being the happy dog he always was.  I wouldn’t even consider owning  a companion animal anymore without medical insurance coverage for them, and I will be adding my newest dog to my policy soon.

Thank you again Trupanion, for everything you’ve done for our family.

Virginia W. (and Bruno)

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