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How to Make Seasonal Changes Easier on Your Dog

Fall is right around the corner and many families are getting ready to make schedule changes due to school and other activities associated with this time of year. For most of the summer dogs enjoy having the kids home from school and plenty of play time outside but the days are about to get colder and shorter. The upcoming schedule changes can really affect dogs and we need to pay special attention to their needs as well as our own. Here are some tips for preparing dogs for fall:

The fundamentals: Don’t get so frantic with your busy schedule you forget to feed your dog, check their water bowl and let them out to go to the bathroom.

Keep up with their exercise: When dogs are left alone for long periods of time without any exercise, the chances of them getting into trouble are much higher than if they were  allowed a sufficient amount of exercise before their owner left.  Even simply walking them around the house while you scramble to get everyone ready can exhaust them.

Lola the Trupanion office dog
Lola, the Trupanion office dog, playing in the autumn leaves

Safe Zone: As mentioned before if a dog is frustrated and full of energy they are more likely to get into mischief, so securing a safe area for them to be in is essential to your sanity and their well being. Keep valuable things they could sink their teeth into out of reach and surround them with their favorite blanket and toys. If they are used to being in their crate and they consider it their “safe place” make sure to have that accessible as well.

If by chance you come home to a mess created by your dog, do not yell at them. You will only make the situation worse, instead try to find the root of the problem and do your best to fix it.

What are you going to do to make this season transition easier on your dog?

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