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Is your pet a righty or a lefty? How to find out

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An interesting article in the Daily Mail recently discussed our pets’ preferences of using their right versus left paw as well as those that are ambidextrous.

Knowing your pet’s paw orientation will not make him more likely to hold a writing utensil, pitch a ball, or give you a high five, but it certainly will satisfy the curiosity!

Researchers have been interested in studying right and left-brain connections in relation to genetics, breeding, training, and raising a pet. Studies have shown that the split between right and left-pawed pets is pretty even. Which group do you think your pet falls into?

Here are several suggestions on how to ‘test’ your pet to see if he’s a right-paw or a south-paw (leftie), as provided by the article.

  • If you teach a dog to shake, which paw does it offer you first and most often?
  • Fill a toy with something delicious and put it in the center of the dog’s visual field. Which paw does it use to touch the toy first? Which paw does the dog use to hold the toy?
  • Put something sticky on a dog or cat’s nose. Which paw does the animal use to remove it?
  • Place a treat or a piece of cheese under a sofa, just beyond a dog or cat’s reach. Which paw does it use to try and get it out?
  • Dangle a toy over a cat’s head. Which paw does it lift to bat it?
  • Put a treat under a bowl. Which paw does the cat or dog use to move it?
  • When a dog wants in the backdoor, which paw does it ‘knock’ with?

Read the full article on Daily Mail.

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