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Man Invents Machine to Tweet a Dog a Bone

Picture: Ben Stevens/Wales News Service

How do you give your pet a treat when you’re away from home? One man invented a machine that dispenses a dog treat when activated by certain tweets on Twitter!

Nat Morris, an IT consultant in the UK spends a lot of time at work, meaning less time to give attention, love, and treats to his Border Terrier, Toby. Morris wanted to be able to give Toby treats throughout the day, so he rigged up a system that dispenses treats whenever he tweets @FeedToby. Morris also added a camera to the system so that he could watch Toby enjoying his treats.

The @FeedToby Twitter account has grown, resulting in lots of treats being tweeted. So much so, that Morris had to fix the machine so that it would only dispense a maximum of one treat every 15 minutes, between 9am and 9pm.

Toby has become accustomed to this nifty machine in his home and is ready and wagging his tail any time the buzzer sounds that a treat is about to arrive! Morris updates Toby’s Twitter page with tid bits about Toby’s day. The technology also automatically posts when someone has fed Toby and the time in seconds it took for him to get the treat. You can check out @FeedToby on Twitter!

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