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Pet-Human Love: Kassi

We are looking for the pet picture that represents human interaction. There’s nothing better than the special bond between a pet and their human.

Do you think Kassi (and her human) best represents human-pet interaction? Cast your vote by clicking the Facebook ‘Like’ button below!

I lost my Kassi very suddenly on December 23rd, 2010.

My husband captured this shot and I had forgotten all about it, until he printed and framed an 8X10 of this picture and gave it to me on Christmas.

Kassi is the only cat I’ve ever had that kissed me. We’d have little love sessions where I’d kiss her on the forehead, and she’d kiss me back, and then put her head down so I could kiss her forhead again, and then she’d kiss me again, and so on…..this shot was captured during one of those sessions while she was laying in the sunshine.

-Jami S.

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