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Pet Olympics

Here at Trupanion, with help from all of you, we’ve created the Pet Olympics! Our pets all have special skills and talents, some of which are unmatched by any other. So to celebrate our furry four-leggers, we’ve put together a collection of honorable mentions from this week’s giveaway.

Check out these talented pets!

Gracie – She’d be a Gold Medal Olympian when it comes to eating things, pups shouldn’t eat.  With 2 exploratory surgeries, the first removing 5.5 pounds of oak leaves, the second removing a large piece of the carpet. (shared by Gennifer D.)

Bailey the Shetland Sheepdog would win a gold medal in tetherball. (shared by Randi)

Ranger would get the gold for “pooping on two front paws” holding both back legs up entire time (shared by Melissa G.)

If yoga were an Olympic sport, Banksy would win gold by a landslide! -Kylie A.

Abbey’s gold medal would come in garbage scavenging. I’ve never seen a dog who can so quickly find and devour garbage off the street – I’m always worried about what she might eat next. Thank God for pet insurance! 😉 (shared by Marina D.)

Rio & Bandit take the Gold in Synchronized Sleeping! (shared by Dana G.)

Cody would win gold in agility. He is rocking! (shared by Lynn G.)

Megan – Beating the odds with Cancer! (shared by Gennifer D.)

Farfalle the Jack Russell Terrier would be a Gold Medal winner in the Snoring and Sleeping competition. -Stephanie P.

Toyger Pandora - showing her skills in the floor exercise. As you can see she is very good at what she calls the frog pose. (shared by Susan)
My Peanut would win GOLD in surfing! (shared by Tiffany K.)

Jack the dog would win gold for the chase the squirrel hundred yard dash and Hamish the dog would win gold for hurdles (off the dock) (shared by Petty M.)

Angel, the cream colored poodle would win the gold medal for Chip Monk chasing!! (shared by Karen G.)

We even got a video entry!
Sagira would win a gold medal for playing in the hose. (shared by Christina B.)

What’s your pet’s special Olympic sport or talent? Share it with us in the comments!

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