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Snowflake: The Dog That Lived on a Bus


A very interesting phone call came through our call center last week from a woman looking to insure her puppy. Now, this story is not about Sue’s young puppy, but about a 12-year-old mixed-breed dog named Snowflake.

Snowflake is a special dog that has lived a very extraordinary life. This stray dog has been living most of her life not on the streets, but on a bus route in New Jersey! According to Sue, Snowflake was taken in by a bus driver and allowed to live on the bus. When the shifts changed, the next driver would take care of Snowflake, and together, everyone made sure that she was fed and loved.

As Snowflake reached her golden years, the drivers realized that she needed to find a stable home environment in which to retire. A nun expressed interest in taking Snowflake home but hesitated due to financial constraints. However, Sue was a true hero and offered to cover Snowflake’s expenses if the nun would provide a home.

Unfortunately, Snowflake is experiencing some health conditions. But at least she gets to spend her senior years in a quiet and loving home. Snowflake even gets to go for a ride every night to see the New York city skyline.

Snowflake goes for a ride

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