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This Week in Testimonials – 8/10

Trupanion has been fantastic…we live in canada …they are helpful and pay promtently and understanding…so yes…get their plan..worth every cent….thank you again -Sonja

I am so happy to have insured my little Elmo with trupanion. They are very quick in re-paying, and never give me a hard time over Elmo’s expenses. Not a regret here!! -Linda D.

Trupanion saved my dear, sweet cat Christian’s life. Without insurance coverage, I could not have affoeded treatment for his interstitial cystitis, and he would have had to be euthanized. I have been recommending Trupanion to all my friends, especially those with pets that are now young and healthy. You just don’t kwow whem they might get sick. -Colette O.

Just got my claim approved! Thank you! Delilah is healthy and happy and I can afford to keep her that way. 🙂 -Megan H.


Love, Love, Love Trupanion! I have both of my dogs with Trupanion and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about them! When you call you always talk to a friendly representative who is knowledgeable and helpful… nothing like a regular insurance company. Trupanion is always there to help you. One of our dogs has had luxating patella surgery, on going skin allergies, grape toxicity and more and Trupanion has never once denied anything and was always willing to cover the veterinary bills. I would highly recommend Trupanion to any and everyone!! 🙂 Best Company – A+++++++ in my book!! 🙂 -Kelsey R.

I have had these guys for over 2 years. DaisyMae,my english bull lost her battle with lymphoma 2 days ago. I love this corporation and I will use them again. Thank you so much for your care of us. -Sally W.

Thanks for Trupanion !!! I will highly recommended who has pets. You don’t have to say… I have to put them to sleep because I did not have money.
They are AMAZING!!! -Lena K.

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