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This Week in Testimonials – 8/24

Our 10 lb. pom X, Mouse had a rough week. He spent three days at the vet clinic on an IV to treat a really bad virus and infection. Thanks to Trupanion we were able to focus on our little buddy and not worry that the vet bills were adding up. Mouse has recovered and is back to his bouncy self. -Cass A.

When I contacted Trupanion they were very cooperative and concerned. They sent comforting emails of support and followed through with their agreement. In a time when my emotions were elevated, they helped me feel better. This is a perfect example of how a business should be. I am so very happy I went with Trupanion and would strongly recommend them to anyone that has a pet. -John F.

My precious Bailey had to have surgery for a torn ACL. Trupanion paid 90% for everything! Thanks!!! -Tina H.


Trupanion came to my French Bulldog’s aid too, saved her eye sight at 1.5 years old (she was going blind from juvenile cateracts) and was able to have expensive cateract surgery to restore her vision, which I would have not had an option to do without insurance. Thanks Trupanion!!!!! -Bella A.

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