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This Week in Testimonials – 8/3

Barkley says “Thank you for helping me get my eye fixed!” 🙂 -Jessica T.


I have trupanion and if it wasn’t for them and great insurance they have my jack wouldn’t be here today they have been great thank you -Dawn P.

trupanion has been a life saver for me and my adopted shelter dog -Maryann K.

We just lost out precious Daisy to an extremely rare complication after a disc rupture surgery. 🙁 However, Trupanion was there for us through every step – not just financially, but they called just to see how we were doing! Had we not gotten Trupanion, we would be in massive debt right now, since Daisy’s bills totaled over $5K! She was the first dog we ever had insured, but she definitely won’t be the last! -Amanda I.

My Timmy has had ALOT of issues, and Thank God for Trupanion 🙂 He had eye surgery (with lots of complications – 6 months worth, emergency visits and hospitals stays in icu) we were able to save his eye. Finished with that mess then he had to have a MRI and back surgery – 90% covered, again Thank God for Trupanion. While giving Timmy his back pain medication – which he will be on for life) my other dog jumped up to take the treat and landed on his little good eye, hence another emergency hospital stay with emergency eye surgery to have eye removed. All of these things they have covered. If I jhad not had coverage for my little Timmy I have no idea what I would have done…….THANKS TRUPANION -Miriam G.

Trupanion has been wonderful for our dog SnowBear. My expereince is like the picture above except that they have now paid out very close to $12,000 after we found out that SnowBear had cancer. Multiple surgeries, chemotherapies, radiographs, CBC’s and ultrasounds. They have been fantastic thus far and cover them all at 90%. Fantasic! -Ken H.

I love trupanion. My Sheldon’s emerg. med bills last summer would have been about $2,700 and what I ended up having to pay out of my pocket was just under $450. (On my plan, I have chosen a $125 deductible — which was part of the $450 total I paid). -Raena L.

I’ve definitely made good use of it for my dog who developed a rare disease, costing us over 3k. I am often told what a waste of money insurance is, as you can’t be sure your dog will get sick or need costly vet care. For me I hope every dog I have live long healthy lives, but I will still insure them. I am paying for peace of mind. -Sinead H.

Trupanion pays 90% of all are bills. We have no deductible wish they would pay for meds but we are extremely happy with them. We have spent over 40,000.00 dollars in medical bills for our dog and paid only 10%. -Colleen H.

So greatful for Trupanion! Every time I take my dog in for chemo I tell everyone in the waiting room about them. -Lorna B.

I never want to have to deny my dog’s medical help because of the high costs. Trupanion doesn’t cover routine check ups but covers 90% of almost everything else. You choose the deductible and your premiums are based on it. Go to their website and you can see it all very simply. -Harriet G.

Oscar escaped the garden and got into a flight with another much larger dog, he escaped with just a cut on his eye. Great service from trupanion! -Jemma-Leigh B.


I love Trupanion!!! My Yorkie Mia has had bilateral knee surgery and exploratory lap. (not all at once of course) Totaling over $6600, and my portion to pay was 10% plus the office visit, which isn’t very much. I chose no deductible so I pay a few dollars more per month…. And it’s worth every penny!!!!! Thank you Trupanion for taking such good care of our little Mia! Definitely worth it!!! : ) -Marisela S.

Totally worth it! Trupanion you have truly saved me thousands of $ not to mention the fact that you don’t have to worry when your pet gets sick. That’s worth so much more than money. -Vanessa S.

Trupanion has been wonderful. My Boston (kitty) had pancreatitis, then exploratory surgery for a diagnosis of IBD and now lots of medications. After meeting my deductible ($300) re the pancreatitis, I’ve only had to pay 10% of all related bills. So for a $1445 surgery bill, I paid $145. And you know what else I really like? That they thank me for taking good care of Boston, and have even asked me to thank my vets too. -Rebecca K.

Just had my claim approved for Liam. Thank you so much for helping save my cat’s life! -Jacqueline A.

Pet insurance is definitely worth it, and Trupanion are great to deal with. -Carol W.

Am thankful every day that I got my insurance with Trupanion -Shari O.

I have pet insurance and our dog needed knee surgery and it would have cost us 3500 to have it fixed, instead it cost me 350. I have had it for 8 years, for both our dogs!!!! Best 100 dollars a month we spend!!!! Thank you -Melanie E.

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