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This Week in Testimonials – 8/31

Thank you Trupanion!!! My dog ate a toy that didn’t belong to him. Emergency surgery, big bill, submit bill to Trupanion, Trupanion pay big bill!!!! -Jennifer D.

All we want to say is Trupanion ROCKS!! Can’t thank you guys enough how you’ve handled Emma’s claims so timely and professionally ! -Ilene A.


This is my dog, Gabriel. He’s insured with Trupanion and I’m so thankful. I filed a claim a few months ago when he was hospitalized because of vomiting and diarrhea. Fortunately there was no obstruction and he recovered completely. I was amazed to file the claim (very easy process) and receive reimbursement within 2 weeks. Wish my insurance company was that efficient!!! Thanks Trupanion!!! -Jane W.


Trupanion I want to thank you for giving me 2 1/2 extra years with my baby girl. I had time to spoil her beyond belief and say a long goodbye. Without you guys I would have lost her to cancer long ago. Thanks for being the best pet insurance in the world. My Jezebel left this world Sunday. She was the best cat ever! Thank you for paying over $25,000 for her cancer treatment. Words cannot express how highly I think of you guys. Little Jezebel was the love of my life. -Patricia H.


Thank You Trupanion for helping to keep Elmo healthy and strong for so long. He passed away in my arms on his 17th birthday 1 week ago. You have been part of his team, I am so grateful -Linda S.


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