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TruStory: Baylee



My wife Stephanie and I wanted to write and say THANK YOU from the bottom of our heart. Your company had been unbelievably supportive and have allowed us to provide our dog with much needed treatment from veterinarians. These veterinarians as a result treated our precious Jack Russell named Baylee when she needed expensive and advanced medical care for her illness.

Baylee might have been a dog to others but to us she was our child. It would have caused a most difficult financial crisis on us if we did not have insurance through your company. Despite losing our precious child to her illness, we will always be heartbroken but are very thankful that we were given a chance to treat her with whatever she required in an attempt to save her life as this policy had no cap. Your processing time was quick and the forms were simple to complete.

Unfortunately, we had to euthanize the love of our life but we were comforted in knowing that if she had received continued treatment you would have been there for all of us. I am enclosing a picture of the most beautiful dog we have ever known inside and out. Baylee’s photo will tell you that and more. She was super happy, sweet, loving and incredibly photogenic dog. Please feel free to use Baylee’s image for advertising, marketing or other reasons. I wish all people could have experienced Baylee.

In addition, I am so impressed with your insurance company that I would be happy to offer testimonials or act as your spokesperson for free.

You gave us a gift and we would like to return our way of saying Thanks Trupanion!




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