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Dog Leashes To Tell if a Dog is Friendly or Not

As responsible dog walkers, it’s likely that we’ve encountered another dog approaching (on or off leash) with an owner following closely, exclaiming “don’t worry, he’s friendly!” Or maybe you’ve been this dog owner, only to soon learn that the other dog is not so friendly.

Some of the dogs we encounter out on walks are super dog-friendly and give our dogs a chance to socialize and say hello before continuing on our walk. But it’s not always easy to know with just a quick glance whether or not the other dog will be accepting of your dog’s behavior.

friendlyclWhat if the other dog is recovering from surgery or treatment and needs to keep interactions to a minimum? What if the other dog is newly adopted and the owner has no idea how he will behave?

A company in the UK called Friendly Dog Collars has come up with a brilliant solution to this by creating color-coded collars and leashes with bold wording to announce whether the dog is “Friendly,” not dog-friendly (“No Dogs”) or otherwise unable to socialize (“Caution”). If a system like this were widely adopted, it would be easy for all pet owners to quickly assess oncoming dogs.

What are your thoughts on these collars and leashes? Like it/dislike it?

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3 Responses to Dog Leashes To Tell if a Dog is Friendly or Not

  1. This is a refreshing post and I love how the brand manufacturer thought of color-coded collars with words of warning. I guess this would work great for not-so-friendly dogs when their owner takes them out for a walk in the park. But I would think twice before putting a collar that says friendly just to be safe that people would not instantly hug or approach him or be even tempted of taking the dog home just because he is “friendly”.

  2. I think it’s a good way to caution people. The color-coded colors on dogs will make it easier for people to assess the oncoming dogs.

  3. Marsha Jorgensen says:

    Love this idea! Our dog loves to get attention on his walks and people are always so caution of him. This would work great for us.

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