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Awesome Dog Names for Better-Than-Average Pooches

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If you’ve recently adopted or are in the process of finding a furry new friend, you must realize the importance of choosing a really great name for him or her. After all, awesome dog names mean awesome dog owners who, though they may or may not be as lovable as their best friends, are undeniably hilarious and discerning.

First, don’t do this when deciding on dog names:

The boring: Fido, Spot, Skip: Yawn. Every time you call your dog’s name in a public place, expect hundreds of lesser canines to come running in response.

The all-too-human: Steve and Marie are names to save for your children. Get creative with your dog names: pets don’t get made fun of for having eccentric names, but kids do.

The mortifying: Your dog won’t get made fun of for being called “Stinky,” but you’ll hear about it.

Truly Awesome Dog Names

Well-known historical figures: Because your dog isn’t famous yet. Confucius, Oakley, Sojourner, and Bono are all awesome options for dogs with aspirations.

Book or film characters: Gatsby, Caesar or Brutus, Juno, and Eliza – if you have a favorite fictional character, why not honor your dog with his or her moniker?

Appearance/Personality: A hyper dog named Buzz: that’s good. A super-sweet brown dog could be a Mocha or a Cadbury. Give people hints about your dog’s personality and appearance with these names—but make sure you pick something out of the ordinary.

Human name exceptions: Sometimes human names do work for dogs, especially names that you would never name your kids. Walter would be a great option for a reserved, intelligent dog; Lucy could be a lively terrier. If you want to name your dog after a friend, ask the friend for their blessing—and make sure you’ll be friends for a while.

You probably spent a lot of time searching for the right dog for you, and all awesome dogs are worth accordingly awesome dog names. Choose wisely, and take your time.

Gina Jennings is a guest writer for, a leading  veterinarian in Oklahoma City.

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