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The Different Reasons for Dog Barking

Dogs can be quite noisy when they get the inclination. Of course, if your canine spots someone intruding on your property in the middle of the night, you’ll certainly want him to be. Not all barking is the same, so you should try to differentiate between the different types. Here is a look at some of the different reasons for dog barking.

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Dogs typically do an excellent job guarding their territory, aka your home. When they are alerted to a stranger, they’ll start barking to alert you to the fact. This is generally a good thing. However, dogs will bark at anyone that they’re not familiar with, even if it’s your best friend. If your dog is really agitated, then he’ll probably mix in a few growls with the barks, most likely putting the stranger on guard.

Dogs will also bark whenever things aren’t quite as serious. Puppies especially will run around yapping while they play with their litter mates. If you’re playing around with your dog, don’t be surprised if he starts barking. It doesn’t mean he’s upset.

Boredom is yet another common reason for dog barking. Your canine needs attention too. He wants to be a significant part of the family. Don’t get mad if he starts barking because you keep him all alone in the backyard all of the time. To quiet this type of barking in dogs, you simply need to provide more attention.

One of the reasons for dog barking that is closely related to boredom is anxiety. As mentioned earlier, your dog wants attention and to be around other members of the family. Whenever he’s left alone, he may experience separation anxiety which will lead to lots of barking.

If you have neighbors with dogs that are kept outside, you will likely hear them bark, hopefully only on occasion. When your dog hears another one bark, he may start barking as well. This is fairly common behavior for canines.

After caring for your canine for a while, you will hopefully get to know him very well. Learn the different barking sounds so you can understand exactly what your dog is trying to convey. has a fun online test in which you can see how well you know your dog barks.

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