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Learn From Your Loved One

You probably don’t think about it, but we can learn a lot from our pets: The dogs that sometimes eat our shoes, bark at nothing, or potty on the floor. Oprah highlighted an article published by The Huffington Post about ways animals can teach their humans about little things that really matter and Trupanion couldn’t agree more.

Just like a pet, if someone isn’t noticing while you bark from the sideline, get in their face and prove why you deserve the attention. You’re bound to get what you want when you’re in their eyesight.
Here are 15 tricks Oprah thinks we need to be aware of.

1. Clean your plate. Instead of letting food go to waste, something a dog would never let happen, eat everything on your plate. In the end, it’ll save you money and energy. Just remember to portion things properly. We’re not telling you to eat the entire cake just because it’s sitting in the counter.
2. Take naps. Talk about something our dogs are good at. These naps give them and us a chance to replenish during the day. Other than being heart-healthy, a nap can help you focus, which increases your ability to learn.
3. Sniff it out. While we don’t suggest going about it in the same way, research any business deal or potential mate. Dogs are good about being careful who they commit to, so like them, you shouldn’t jump into anything without checking out the situation.
4. Be excited to see people, especially your partner. You may, or may not, be worried you’re becoming invisible in your relationship. Well, how excited does your dog get when you come home after a trip to the store, or even back in from taking out the garbage? That excitement means a lot to you, and in turn, it will mean a lot to your loved one.
5. Practice makes perfect. When you find something you’re passionate about, keep doing it. Once a dog is good at fetch, and sees how excited you get when he or she brings the ball back, they can’t wait to do it again. Your skill is bound to improve if you keep doing this.
6. Breathe deeply. Yeah, the hot breath in your face can be stinky or just plain annoying, but man, are those dogs relieving some stress. When you’re stressed, angry or just plain hot, breathe deeply – in and out. It will create balance, and you’ll feel incredibly better.
7. Bark it out. Follow your instinct, and tell someone if you have something on your mind. This can help your relationships and partnerships in any environment.
8. Accept love in any way. Your dog loves to be loved and you should too.
9. Know yourself. Doesn’t matter what your dog’s name it, they learn it and become it. Dogs generally development their own personalities and aren’t afraid to be themselves. You’ll feel better too once you accept yourself and aren’t afraid to show it.
10. Take a walk, or two. A stroll around the block isn’t just meant for a potty break. We’re not saying talking a walk is an extreme form of exercise, but it is a way to get up and stay active.
11. Drink water. We don’t see dogs drinking too many energy drinks after they had a huge exercise. Water is the best way to stay hydrated.
12. Don’t be afraid to get a little dirty. We know it’s never fun to clean up the mud prints leading from the door to the couch but never be afraid to jump in the fun even if it will be a messy ride. Just like dogs, we can take a bath too, and it’s pretty much like the mess never happened.
13. Shake it off. No one can say it enough. Stuff happens, and we just have to deal with it. Problems at work and at home are always going to exist. Come to terms by moving on.
14. Good looks will get you anywhere. Is that ever true or what? Those cute puppy dog faces get them dinner from the table or an extra trip to the dog beach. Like your dog, you can play up the cuteness at work, or in our case the apologetic face when a fax is never faxed, to earn back some points in a difficult situation.
15. Don’t hold grudges. We saved the best for last because dogs learn this from us too. Love is unconditional. We leave them at home for too long sometimes, and the dogs will chew away at our shoes when the rules slip their mind. It’s important to forgive and forget. The relationship you have with your dog is special and different. Live with them and learn from them. You’re in this journey together.

Read The Huffington Post article Oprah recommended.

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