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Pet Insurance Month 2012 Finalist: Chynna and Buster

September is Pet Insurance Month and in honor of this, Trupanion celebrated the special bond that we have with our pets. We collected your stories explaining how your pet changed your life. It wasn’t easy, but we chose our top 5 finalists and Chynna’s story is one of them.

“Buster” was not the type of dog that attracted a lot of people not because he wasn’t a sweet, amazing, good looking dog, but because of his size. His life with me began on a nice September day last year after several months in the city pound, being returned, accused of aggression and nearly being put down, as well as being rejected several other times it is no wonder why he came into my home with no trust and no hope of staying.

That is what made me want his love even more, it’s not that he wasn’t outgoing– he loved walks and he loved being here, but it was obvious that he thought that this love, affection and praise was not going to last.

Finally after months and months of love and support he finally let me into his heart and receiving his love changed my life now he was not only my dog but he became my best friend, a shoulder to cry on and a sympathetic ear to listen. After I got Buster, I went through a lot of life changes, my family pet was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma and needed chemo treatments to save her life to name the worst, and all the while Buster was there with unwavering love and devotion. He never strayed from my side the nights I spent crying or the days we rejoiced when she was cancer free. He has been there for me through thick and thin.

Recently he blew out his knee and required surgery luckily with the help of Trupanion I was able to afford the 4000$ that he needed to repair his ACL and, just like he is always there for me, I too have not left his side taking time off work, taking him to work and having family look after him to make sure that, like he did with me, he never feels alone during his recovery.

When I first got Buster, I never knew what to expect never having a pet that I owned to myself before, but I can truly say that he is the best decision I ever made; he is not my dog, he is my son, my family and my life. I would feed him before I would feel myself.

His unconditional devotion to me has pushed me to join a rescue agency to help other dogs who had hard lives like himself. He understands when I go off to help other dogs because he knows that like him they will get a second chance. He has even helped me to teach children in various groups such as cub scouts lessons like how to approach a dog, and that big dogs aren’t as scary as people think.

Buster has changed my life and the way I think about animals his companionship has pushed me to take chances and to stand up for those who cannot speak, Buster is my advocate for rescue, he is the reason that I get up every morning and know that I have a goal, he has taught me that one person can make a difference, he is alive today because I chose to bring him into my home and he chose to love me in every way he could. I can’t picture even a day without my amazing Buster.

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