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Prolong Your Dog’s Life

We take care of our bodies in order to stay healthy and prolong our life. Cesar Milan says dogs, just like us, can live longer if they’re kept up-to-date on some specifics we already maintain for ourselves on a daily basis. His five tips and tricks can not only extend your dog’s life expectancy, but keep it healthy along the way.

1. Take care of your dog’s teeth. This could not be stressed more. Tooth decay is common, but it can lead to other health problems for your pet. Brush your dog’s teeth as much as possible. There are even bones and toys sold at pet stores that can really help improve your pet’s dental hygiene.

2. Keep your dog at a healthy weight, and feed them healthy foods. The way Cesar says it makes sense. Obesity is a problem for pets, not just people. Dogs are more inclined to become obese if they eat fatty human foods, too much pet food and/or don’t get enough exercise. To avoid obesity, keep track of how much you’re feeding your pet and when. If possible, feed your pet on a set schedule. Some vegetables may be appropriate for midday snacks, and organic pet foods can be found to keep your shelves stocked at home.

3. Keep your pet active with regular exercise. Dogs need exercise just like we do. It doesn’t need to be on a set schedule, but your pet needs at least an hour of exercise a day to keep their health up and their weight down. Besides the several regular walks a day, your pet should have a chance to run around or explore outside. Dog parks are a great way to get a dog outside and running, but also to improve their social skills with people and other pets.

4. Get checkups and vaccinations. These checkups give the vet a chance to catch any diseases, infections or health problems that could be potentially detrimental later on. Experts suggest at least one appointment a year after they’re full grown but about two to four visits per year while they are puppies.

5. Let your dog be relaxed. Yes, this does mean give them a break. While it’s important to love your dog, they need time to relax and be independent. A dog can become stressed if they’re constantly anxious or on the go. As you know from work and everyday life, it takes a ton of energy to keep up with ongoing festivities the day has to offer. If it’s obvious they’re not interested in playing, just walk away. They’ll come find you when they’re ready for some more games.

The key is treating your dog’s body like the temple it is. Maintaining a healthy weight, giving daily exercise, relaxing and these regular checkups are only a few ways to keep your pet healthy and happy.

You can read the original Cesar Milan article here.

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