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Why We Chose A Lifetime Deductible

You may or may have not noticed, but with your Trupanion insurance plan, you gained a lifetime deductible for your pet. While most providers hold policies that use plans based on a per-incident, per-claim or an annual deductible, we like to think this option is easier on you and your pet.

The benefit of the lifetime deductible is you can spend more time with your pet rather than worrying about how much is coming out of your wallet. And yes, this goes for any deductible amount chosen, from $100 to $1000.

“Pet owners, on average, will pay much fewer deductibles because most pets will deal with few issues over their whole lives,” says Darryl Rawlings, CEO of Trupanion. “We think it’s fairer for the pet owner.”
Say your pup took an adventurous leap off of a not-so-low to the ground porch. If your dog breaks her leg, she’s going to be covered for every appointment related to this injury by one deductible. This includes your initial visit to the doctor all the way to when you go back to the doctor to follow up, even if this appointment happens to fall in the next calendar year.

Having a lifetime deductible is beneficial to any pet family that may be chronic, such as your cat is diagnosed with diabetes or your dog develops an allergy. Once these conditions start affecting your pet, visits to the vet or pharmacy may become more frequent. The lifetime deductible will allow you to continue these visits, without paying a deductible every year. If your need for medical help stays, why should a paid-off deductible leave?

For those of you worried about having a clumsy cat or dog, or you’re just worried they’re going to experience more conditions than normal; you have the option of a deductible-free plan. This is a special option only offered by Trupanion.

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