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Caramel’s Perspective: Dog Boarding in Your Home

The following is a guest post from Caramel Easterly. Caramel serves as Chief Rover for the dog boarding and dog sitting offices of A tiny, red-headed 11-year-old Teacup Pomeranian, Caramel has over 10 years of experience in dog advocacy and spends her days at the office scouting for belly rubs and dining on bacon and Asian cuisine. For more tips and posts from Caramel, follow on Twitter @roverdotcom or on their blog, Dog Boarding News.  

If you plan on using your home to board dogs or puppies, I can help. I invented all the tricks us pooches try when we’re left in the hands of sitters. Dog boarding takes patience, and you should understand a bit about our feelings when mom and dad leave town. We suffer from separation anxiety just like babies, so expect some serious whining or doggy pouting … we’re naturals at it. That isn’t even the half of it though; here are some other tricks we may have up our sleeve.

Naughty Zones
It isn’t unusual for a dog of any age or breed to step into the naughty zone. If I’m spending time in a new home away from mom and dad, the first thing I want to do is explore every nook and cranny. We’re especially fond of off-limit zones and I have yet to meet a fellow pooch that is the exception to this rule. I’m not allowed to drink from the toilet at home, but I’ll certainly try to sample yours.  And while I’m in there, I may accidentally bump into your toilet paper roll, stick my nose in the trash, and taste-test your shampoo.

I never know when mom and dad will be back so I may cry … often. I also tend to forget all my manners and will try to trick you into giving me food from your plate. I want attention. If there are other pets around, I’ll put on my muscles and try to show them who’s boss, too. I may even jump out of excitement or nip at strange guests. I can’t help it, mom and dad seem to take all my manners and training with them when they go on vacation. Even the summa cum laude’s of training class may have a setback, so pay attention to our change in behavior and temperament to act accordingly.

Bathroom Mishaps
You should be on the lookout for potty issues as well. Even us old ladies can falter in new surroundings. When you board a new dog or puppy, watch for signs from the beginning. Some dogs will do the potty dance before they let loose, others will do it quietly if they can’t find an appropriate outlet. Also, we love digging for treasures in the kitty litter box. Quite the delicacy if we can get away with it so make sure kitty bathrooms are put away and out of reach.

Nervous Behavior
Like most canines, I understand that chewing and digging aren’t allowed, but when I’m in a strange place, this is exactly what I want to do. It calms me down. Garbage cans, gardens, laundry, clothing, shoes and furniture all turn into an escape for me when I’m stressed or bored. And trust me, even the biggest of us can be pretty sneaky and exceptionally fast when we want to be naughty, so be sure to keep an eye open for any mischief.

Dog boarding can be challenging for both dog and human, so you need to understand what you’re getting yourself into. We may be cute, but we will take advantage at every opportunity if we’re away from home. As long as you’re attentive and understanding, you can prevent any serious mishaps and keep your four-legged friend safe and happy.


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