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In Memorium: My Beautiful June

The following story came to me recently and I wanted to share it with all of you. It’s the story of June – a sweet, adorable Yorkshire Terrier who was the light of her guardian Sylvia’s life. We at Trupanion know how devestating it is to lose a beloved pet, and wish Sylvia peace as she greives the loss of her beautiful girl.

Yorkshire Terrier
The beautiful June

I never had pet insurance on previous animals.  I put down my Shnoodle Cookie November/11.  She had been a very sick dog all her life and we had paid out a lot of money for vet bills over the 11 years we had her with us.  My friend suggested when I got my beautiful June om Christmas 2011, that I put her on insurance. She has 3 small dogs and they are always getting into trouble, she said it was a Godsend to have pet insurance.

So I thought, well I will eventually put some on for her, and when I got her baby brother in April 2012, I put insurance on the two siblings.

My worse fear came to fruition in June 2012.  My beautiful baby Junnie, fell off the couch and injured herself very badly.  I went to many clinics, many vets, many neurologists, and finally she was diagnosed with Atlantoaxial Luxation. A very serious injury.  I paid all kinds of vet bills and then remembered I had insurance.  I submitted my bills every so often, as June needed many weeks of treatment. Every time I received an email saying my bills were received, and that payment would get out to me as soon as the review of the file was done.  Always included was the line “thank you for taking such good care of June”.  I remember thinking – wow, this is an insurance company, and they are thanking me for taking care of my dog? These people must really love animals!

The vet visits and bills went on for several months. Then June fell while walking. She must have tripped over herself or got scared when her brother ran by, becaise she fell like a ton of bricks, screaming in pain.  I rushed her back to her neurologist and was told they would keep an eye on her, increase her meds, and they would go from there.  Within a week my girl had deteriorated to the extreme, many more vet visits, much more money, many medications, and finally agreement to give her surgery as she could not go on living like this. My beautiful June died on the surgeon’s table, she never awoke, and she was brain dead I was told.

I had to consent to euthanize … hard, so heartbreaking, the amount of prayer that I had done didn’t help, she was dying.  I said good bye to her on that beautiful afternoon, and left her favorite bed and toys with her.

I donated my beautiful girl’s body to the hospital for research so that other dogs could be helped in the future.  The young neurologist said meeting my June changed his life, he wanted to dedicate his career to specializing in this type of surgery.  So June will live on in his work.

The point of all this is that through all of my tears and heartache, Trupanion not once, questioned anything, not once made me feel unsupported – they even sent me a lovely sympathy card…an insurance company! Wow.

I cannot thank the team enough, the people who dealt with my claims, the people who sent emails with kind words….

One of the worse experiences of my life, was made a bit easier because of all the people at Trupanion.

An amazing company.

Thank you,

Sylvia P.

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