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Infographic: Choosing the Best Dog Food

Our friends at Havahart Wireless have put together a very interesting infographic below about what to look for when selecting a dog food. If you would like to learn more, click on the infographic itself to be taken to their page which explains dog food ingredients, pet health and weight, and pet feeding in greater detail.

Choose the Right Dog Food Infographic
Compliments of Havahart Wireless

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4 Responses to Infographic: Choosing the Best Dog Food

  1. chris says:

    Choosing the best dog food is difficult especially because you do not know how it tastes. You should just observe if your pets love them.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Taste alone is not good enough to ensure a quality dog dog food. I read recently that the makers of most dog foods add a gravy over the kibble for taste and aroma, just to teasongly arouse the animal to eat the crap they make.

      I believe that with the dogs senses alone, they will pick up on truly nutritional kibble since generally the number one ingredient in these kibbles are chicken, duck, lamb, etc. This surely arouses their appetite and it is quality kibble without the tease that will have dog owners believing they absolutely love the taste of the sawdust they are eating.

      The brands of kibble listed that applied this method astounded me since I have fed many of the kibbles they say do this to entice the dog into eating the crap.

      I have recently done this research since I purchased my baby I have been waiting to purchase for almost ten years. I now feed, after thorough research and discussions with professionals, Blue Buffalo Large Breed with the basis of his diet being Raw. He is beautiful and healthy. I feel great knowing everything that he eats is natural or a very high quality kibble that has undergone studies with proof behind its statements. Not to mention he absolutely loves his diet. He stands between my legs while I am preparing his meals. He is just 16 weeks old now so he can do that, not so probably in another month. LOL. Just my two cents. It means a lot to me what goes into my puppy because his life and health are at risk at everything I decide to feed him, he depends on me and my choices in his health.
      (just my opinions, however I see results in my baby)

  2. Lucille Ricotta says:

    All confused. I was feeding my little Yorkie Blue Bufflo and Taste of the Wild. A vet told me that Blue Bufflo was not a good dog food as their ingredients were not up to standard. It was all for publicity, and the labeling was not true to form. Can you please clear up this confusion. I want only to give my dog what is best for her. Thank you Lucille

  3. Judi Burns - Save Us Dog Rescue says:

    I have a dog rescue with many different breeds and sizes of dogs. I have been feeding my dogs Wellness Dog Food for years and have been very satisfied with the results. Per their size, they are given the type of Wellness that is appropriate for them. Their fur is beautiful and they are very healthy and seem happy and can’t wait for mealtime.

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