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Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Chocolate Ingestion


With Halloween and other holidays coming up, we wanted to remind all pet owners to keep the candy and chocolate away from their dogs and cats!

Rocky is a 3-year-old Havanese whose nose recently got the better of him and led him into some chocolate. Rocky was taken to the emergency vet clinic for treatment which included induced vomiting and activated charcoal.

Chocolate is poisonous to dogs and cats because it contains caffeine and theobromine. Darker chocolate is more dangerous because of its concentration and smaller pets experience more severe symptoms than larger breed dogs. If a pet consumes chocolate, it is important to get them to a veterinarian immediately.

Total claim amount: $911.50
Deductible applied: -$300
Exam fees: -$157.40
10% co-insurance: -$45.41
Trupanion repaid: $408.69
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