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This Week in Testimonials – 10/12

This insurance company is honest and straightfoward. I consider it generous “major medical” protection for the littlest member of our family, our westie mix Melo. -Theresa S.

I’m very very thankful for you guys. You do what you promise and have been there for me and my best friend Jake ♥ -Cry T.

I have a beautiful female Rottweiler, Kira, and this girl has had endless issues, from getting her back knee joints replaced at two, to accidental poisoning, to currently being treated for epilepsy. She is a wonderful, sweet dog, and were it not for the great coverage we have with Trupanion, my girl likely would have had to be put down at two, as the operation cost $6600, of which I paid only $660. I cannot say enough about Trupanion, and would HIGHLY recommend them for pet insurance!! -Sue C.

Trupanion is Truly the best Pet Insurance. I love Trupanion. -Jennifer D.

I have had Trupanion insurance for two years now and am a huge fan. One of my dogs had an autoimmune disease, another had a severe gastric issue and a third ripped a huge chunk of flesh out of one of her legs in a freak accident. Trupanion came through with flying colors! And quickly. Thank you, Trupanion, for giving me the peace of mind that my pets will get the care they need if they are injured or ill. -Teresa O.

Trupanion is amazing. This is Idgie. She’s had mysterious enlarged lymphnodes for the past 6 months & lymphoma was suspected. After many tests & a biopsy we just found out it isn’t cancer!! Without Trupanion this process would’ve been horrific financially as well as emotionally. It made all the difference to know that Idgie’s care wouldn’t be limited due to finances. Our insurance used to be with another carrier that never helped with anything over the 3 years we had them. Switching to Trupanion was one of the best decisions I ever made for my little guys. They’ve been kind, helpful & sympathetic through this entire process & I recommend them without reservation to everyone who loves their animals.
Thank you, Trupanion!! -Seraphin H.


@Trupanion Thank you for being there for my sweet lil’ Dakota. -@aubie1969

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