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Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Patellar Luxation

Remi the 2-year-old Jack Russell Terrier recently needed surgery for luxating patellaPatellar luxation is defined by the kneecap moving out of place and is typically caused by a traumatic injury to the knee. Some small dog breeds are genetically predisposed to this condition, however larger dog breeds may also face complications, especially if they already have hip problems.

The condition may cause pain at the initial onset and will often lead to the dog refusing to bear weight on the affected leg. Surgical repair is needed for this condition, because if left untreated, the affected bones may gradually wear down and cause further pain and potential arthritis.

Fortunately, Remi received the care she needed and is recovering well from surgery. Her owner notes that “her doctor gave the ‘okay’ to allow her to run to greet the mail truck and chase rabbits–two activities she looks forward to every day, rain or shine.”

Total claim amount: $1,567.46
Deductible applied: -$500
Unrelated charges (vaccine, preventives, treats): $290.21
10% co-insurance: -$77.72
Trupanion repaid: $699.53

Thanks to Patricia for letting us share Remi’s story!

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