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Selecting the Right Deductible

Trupanion takes its insurance options seriously because we know how important it is to keep pets safe and secure. Comprehensiveness and affordability is how we operate. Based on the age and breed of your dog, as well as your financial outlook, Trupanion will help you figure out the best deductible for your plan.

Cost of a Deductible

The price varies for your deductible based on what is most cost-effective and reassuring for you. Deductibles are available starting at $0, as well as from $50 to $1,000 at $5 increments. We have deliberately crafted this flexibility in our deductible price range in order to take care of every customer’s unique set of circumstances. Moreover, you may change your deductible rate at any time you see fit.

Lifetime Deductible

Once you file a claim for a particular accident or condition (say, a broken leg or diabetes) the deductible only must be paid one time. So, rather than continue to get charged for repeat deductibles for the same issue, one $100 deductible (for example) would cover the broken leg from initial appointment all the way through recovery. From there forward, Trupanion will cover 90% of veterinary costs. Bear in mind that a separate deductible will be required if a new accident or condition occurs.

Paying Your Deductible

As previously mentioned, a deductible must only be paid once per incident or condition. When you file a claim through the vet, the bill will be given to you (say it is a total of $1,000) to take care of. The deductible is the amount of money you must pay before Trupanion steps in to cover 90% of the remaining costs.

Which Price is Right?

Every dog is different. Depending on whether they are in puppy-hood, middle-aged, or are late in their years, the best deductible for their plan will vary. With the aid of professional insight from your local veterinarian as well as Trupanion representatives, it would behoove you to determine the caliber of your pet’s health and what deductible best suits them and your financial circumstances. And remember, their deductible level can always be changed as time passes.

For clarifications, questions, or comments about Trupanion coverage, please give us a call 24/7 at 1-(800)-569-7913.

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16 Responses to Selecting the Right Deductible

  1. Jennifer Turner says:

    My dog has developed some difficult allergies and must eat prescribed food. It is very expensive, how does this work? Am I covered for any prescription costs?

    • Stacy says:

      Hi Jennifer,
      We cover 50% of prescription pet food used to treat covered conditions for up to 2 months, and after that, a discount would apply to your premium. I would recommend giving us a call to verify, or just file a claim with the invoice to be sure! 800-569-7913

  2. teena troy says:

    do i have to call to change my deductible or can i do it online

  3. Elizabeth Meuser says:

    My deductible of $500 is too high. My dog has blood tests a lot and I end up paying nearly $500 each time. Her policy is up in a few days and I would like the deductible to be $5.00. Thank you. Elizabeth Meuser, policy number TU000167668.

    • Stacy says:

      Hi Elizabeth,
      Thanks for sharing your concerns, and we’d be glad to change your deductible if you give us a call! If these blood tests are all for the same condition then I definitely encourage you to file a claim for each of the invoices because they all count toward your deductible for that condition. If the bills all for one condition add up to more than the amount of your deductible then coverage will kick in. Keep in mind that ours is a lifetime deductible so once it has been met for a condition, you will never have to worry about a deductible for that condition again.

  4. Paula Stewart says:

    Would like to know the premium increase if I reduce deductible to $300 and then also $500.

  5. Jamie says:

    I would like to adjust my deductible online. However, I cannot figure out how to do so. Can some one please direct how to do it. I’m well aware of how it will adjust my policy for future claims.

    Thank you,

  6. Monica Becher says:

    Wow I think I have completely misunderstood how the deductible works and I did call in prior to signing up with Trupanion . I have been going with the assumption that there is a one time deductible period. After the deductible has been paid then Trupanion would pay 90 % of the medical items covered from that point on. Now , if I’m understanding you correctly there is a deductible for each condition claimed ? And the 90% coverage only applies to further claims of that condition should it occur again. Am I understanding this correctly?

    • Stacy says:

      Our deductible is a lifetime per-condition deductible. For example, if your pet is diagnosed with diabetes, you would have to cover the amount of your deductible for your pet’s first vet bill for diabetes. Then any costs over the amount of your deductible would be covered at 90% (for diagnostic tests, treatments, medications, and other eligible costs). This includes any repeat visits for diabetes, for the rest of your pet’s life. Now if your pet then gets an ear infection, this is unrelated to diabetes, and you would have to meet your deductible amount for the veterinary costs for the ear infection. Then any costs above your deductible amount would be covered at 90%. I hope that helps, but please feel free to give us a call because we would be glad to explain!

  7. natalie says:

    There used to be a nice slider tool on the screen to adjust and see the premium change as you did it. please add consider adding that back as a tool for users.

    • Stacy says:

      Hi Natalie,
      Our quote page still uses this same slider so that you can see how the different deductible options affect your premium. Please also feel free to give us a call any time to discuss different premium/deductible options!

  8. Beate Gossett says:

    Hi there,

    I don’t quiet understand why my pit bull has a 0 deductable listed and 90% reimbursement and his monthly fee is around $56. My Rottweiler is a puppy too, I had to choose a deductable of $725, in order to get a $60 fee monthly. Last month I spend over $700 for both dogs, preventative melds, like heartworm, exam fees, which my Vet charges me every time I bring the dog in, $ 45,
    Have you ever thought about covering some of the preventative melds and shots?

    • Britta says:

      Trupanion helps with the unexpected illness and injuries your pet may run in to. We found that the best way to provide the most value to pet owners is by covering the big stuff (accidents and illnesses) which Trupanion covers at 90%, with no payout or claim limits. Wellness costs are expected and manageable. Because we don’t cover wellness, it allows us to pay out more per dollar in paid claims, which are the highest in the industry, while keeping our monthly rates competitive. Please to call us directly at 855.210.8746 if you want more details or clarification. Also, we tailor our coverage plan to fit the unique characteristics of every pet on an individual level. It doesn’t make sense for a dog owner with a yorkshire terrier in Omaha, Nebraska to pay the same amount as a pet owner with a Bernese Mountain Dog in Beverly Hills. Your location plays a large role in price as the cost of veterinary care is different per zip code. Also your pit bull and rottweiler have different health needs and their breed is prone to different health conditions, that’s why they’re priced differently.

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