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Thankful Pets: Honorable Mentions

In honor of Thanksgiving in the US and for the overall love and respect for our pets, we decided to celebrate by making this giveaway’s theme about why we are thankful for our pets. Here are snippets from some of our favorite responses!

Emily and Baron : Puppy Love

I am thankful every day for my cats. They keep me sane, even when they are driving me crazy 😉 -Caroline B.

I'm grateful for Shilo's happy quirkiness, like in this photo - how on earth did he manage to find a perch there?! -Sarah S.

Dear Elway
We must have walked a few thousand miles together. You approached each walk with the same enthusiasm as if it was your first, with your leash in your mouth and the look that said “follow me!” as you raced to the front door. Through you, I experienced the quiet solitude of early mornings I would have otherwise missed, I saw sunsets I would not have otherwise seen, and I met nice people I would not have otherwise met . You lived each day to the fullest, enjoyed the simple pleasures, stopped to smell everything, even if you had already done so a hundred times, and now you have taught me to do the same as I am reminded that we never know when one day may be our last together. -Misty M.

When Brutus looked at me with unconditional love... -Mary C.

I love my three terriers because they are always there for me no matter what my mood. They give such unconditional love and the best snuggles in the world. I don’t know what I would do without them in my life. I love them so much. -Mary N.

My dogs have kept me sane while I am recovering from a work injury. It has been two years that i have been off work and w/out them, there are some days that I just didn’t want to get out of bed. They have made me get up out of bed and walk my 4 miles a day for therapy. God bless my dogs! -Angie S.

“True”, my Boston “Terror” makes me laugh every day with her antics. Can’t imagine life without her, even on the days that she can frustrate me! -Bernice S.

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