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This Week in Testimonials – 11/23

Thank you Trupanion for processing my claim so quickly. My dog Riley spent 4 days in the hospital and I had quite a big bill. I will tell anyone looking for pet insurance to take a policy with you. 🙂 -Deb D.

Had a chance to brag about you guys to Southside Place Animal Hospital in Houston. Saw some fliers for another insurance when I was dropping of my foster kitty for surgery. Told them Jezebel’s story and how you guys paid $25,000 for her cancer treatment. They were like ooooh we have some of their fliers, let me put them out right now 🙂 -Patricia H.

You Guys are the best…..Thanks For all your help today!
Meet Augustine and Smokey! -Leah D.

Augustine and Smokey

Thank you Trupanion for allowing me to be able to give my little KitKat the best possible care! Earlier this year she had surgury to rule out cancer to the tune of over $4000. Now she is back in the hospital getting IV fluids and IV antibiotics. She should be there for 3-4 days and I’m assuming this bill will top $1500. Hopefully they can find out what is ailing her. I need her around me for a few more years! But without Trupanion I would not have been able to do this much for her. I would highly recommend your insurance to any of my animal lover friends and family! -Heather D.

Great Insurance!!!!!! -Ciara S.

@Trupanion didn’t take no more than 2days to process my dog’s claim. #awsome #fastefficient. -@Meldes13

Bre is recovering from her surgery. Thank you Trupanion -Ali A.


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