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5 Fun Activities for Dog Owners

For individuals looking to bond with their dog, consider some of the outdoor – and indoor activities – explored below. See new sights, meet new people, and stay in shape with many of the suggestions.

Visit a nearby dog park.  There are typically a deluge of dog parks available in major urban areas. For more suburban or rural locations, it may require a longer drive to reach an established dog park. It is an ideal spot for pet socialization; not to mention the strangers you may befriend in the process. Dogs usually have a great time frolicking, chasing, and playing fetch with other canines.

Embark on a hike with your doggy. Whether it is a short, flat hike or a massive mountain climb, entering the wilderness offers a palpable sense of serenity. Dogs that are well-behaved off-leash do especially well on hikes, but ones on leash work too. Get a great work out, see, smell and hear wonderful flora and fauna, and enjoy your joint adventure together.


Cuddle with your dog after a long day. Though this may be more aptly called ‘inactivity,’ it is nevertheless an important way to spend time with your pet. During a movie or just because, snuggling with and petting your dog is a great way to demonstrate your affection. It is also an extremely effective outlet for relaxation after a hard day.

Go for a morning or afternoon swim. Some breeds of dog are a lot more interested in water play than others. Based on the knowledge of your own pet though, see about going to the beach to romp around. Swimming is certainly a weather-dependent activity, so this form of fun might not always apply. That means all the more reason to take advantage of beautiful sunny days and go for a dog paddle with your pooch.

Take a leisurely stroll through your neighborhood. Regardless of morning, noontime or nighttime, any time of day is a good hour for a long walk with your dog. It is a soothing activity, taking in the world around you one step at a time. Exercise and the fresh air outside are other worthwhile reasons to make a daily walk part of your pet owner routine.

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