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Holiday Pet Photos – Honorable Mentions

It’s become a tradition for us to call for holiday pet photos around this time of year, and it’s something I’m coming to look forward to each year! We received nearly 100 entries and I enjoyed looking at each and every one of them. Thank you to everyone who shared a photo and some even shared a little story about their pet. I’m such a crazy pet lover that I just can’t get enough!

While I wish I could share every last photo, I’m pretty sure it would bog down our blog, so I chose a couple favorites that stood out to feature in this post. The winner (which may or may not be featured on this page) will be randomly drawn and announced later this afternoon.

cat santa pet insurance Trupanion christmas
Mimar shared by Diana T.
boxer dogs playing snow winter pet insurance Trupanion
Mika and Riggs, shared by Melissa W.
Zuko - Sarina J
Zuko shared by Sarina J.
Kai - Kerri B
Kai’s festive cast, shared by Kerri B.
grinch dog pet insurance Trupanion
Cheech, shared by Karlee P.
schnauzer dog snow pet insurance Trupanion
Liam, shared by Leah D.
cat dress christmas pet insurance Trupanion
Latte, shared by Edward G.

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