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Holiday Pet Tips Shared by You

Photo of Yogi, shared by Laura F.

Be safe with your pets this holiday season. Here are some fantastic tips shared by YOU:

I hand out Tiki’s treats to guests upon arrival and make expectations of behavior and diet clear. Everyone feels better knowing what behavior is expected before rewarding Tiki with food, as well as knowing Tiki will not be gaining friends by sharing human meals. -Liz G.

Make sure no tinsel is within reach of the cat, and try to set ornaments up higher than your dog’s reach or spray a bitter apple spray on them to prevent any shiny new breakable treats -Lori R.

Last year, I wound up having to rush my mini schnauzer to the vet in the middle of the night on the weekend of course. He had ate one of the bulbs off of the tree. They did an ultrasound, and he didn’t actually get any in his belly, after a $548 bill later. The very next day I…found the amazing solution to where they can’t get to the tree. We saw the puppy playpens [at the pet store], and it was my “ah ha” moment. So, we didn’t get the plastic one, we got the wire one, as it was more sturdy, for him jumping on it. After we put it up, he never again could get to the tree. -Tracey N.

Make sure your pet has a safe place out of the flow to relax. -George

My cat likes to eat things (everything!) so I have no tinsel or ribbon around, and no toxic plants or decorations. And no ornaments small enough for him to potentially swallow and/or choke on. -Therese N.

Since the sun sets much earlier during the winter, by the time I get home and can walk my dog, it is dark outside. His boots and coat both have reflectors so that he can be seen. -Lyndsay M.

Anchor your tree to the wall or ceiling. Cats like to climb trees, so there is a possibility they could knock it over and breaks things, or maybe even start a fire. -Sherry N.

Remember to regularly wash your pets food & water dishes as they can harbor harmful bacteria. Many pet owners forget this simple task that can put their pets safety at risk. -Terri B.

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