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How Dogs Enrich Their Owners’ Lives

It is no surprise that humans have woven dogs into the tapestry of their lives for thousands of years. They prove themselves to be intelligent, loyal, and caring animals for which there is no substitute.  In many cases, dogs transcend the limited definition of ‘pet’ to become a genuine companion and family member. The enrichment they bring – breed to breed and dog to dog – is a special, unique case for every owner and pet.

Dogs are a superlative source for de-stressing. Everybody has a bad day now and again; work was difficult, you are fighting a nasty cold, or perhaps you are just dog-tired. Returning home to find your dog in high spirits with wagging tail can be an instant remedy for the blues. Nothing says zero-stress relaxation like cuddling with your pooch. Dogs enhance people’s moods for the better as well as positively affecting individuals’ blood pressure and anxiety. There is a reason some universities have puppies available to play with during finals week.

Having a dog encourages more routine exercise. Busy schedules and lack of initial motivation can be major impediments to a normal workout regimen. Tricking yourself into exercise when it doesn’t feel like a strenuous workout can sometimes be an effective way to go. Going to the park to play fetch with your dog or taking a long walk is refreshing, revitalizing and a lot less boring than a solo run. Embrace your pet as a means for getting your muscles moving regularly.

Dogs are a great way to instantly connect with others. People can be timid in their approach for conversation with a stranger – unless that person has a dog! Walking out in public with your pooch will make new individuals much more likely to approach you; dogs are charming icebreakers. Sharing small, positive conversations with neighbors, friends, and passerby throughout the day can do wonders for one’s overall well-being. Never underestimate the power of a puppy to bring people together.

Unconditional love is a vital part of dogs. When tensions are high between you and your significant other, you can always count on your snuggling friend to show you silent care. They offer companionship in a tireless way that people cannot keep up with. To love and feel loved is important to living, which is why having a dog in your life can become so meaningful. The zest for life can frequently be sparked by the heart of a dog.

Owners may not be continually mindful of this fact, but let it be known: people rely on their dogs for a lot, perhaps more than their dogs need from them (at least in certain areas). And canines do a wonderful job of meeting our needs – whether related to health, socializing, or love. Give your favorite pet a belly rub and be thankful for the magic he or she brings to your life.

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