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Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Hit By Car

It’s an extremely scary situation when your dog or cat faces a life-threatening accident, and I’m sure you can understand how frightened Roux’s owners felt when they were reunited with their sweet pup.

According to the Roux Facebook page, he went missing on November 26th at which point, his owners began their search. With the help of Facebook and Craigslist, Roux was found nearly 24 hours later and badly injured.

It turned out that Roux had been roaming a park when he got spooked and took off running. He crossed a major road and was hit by a car. Roux continued running, leaped over a fence, and took refuge under a deck where he was hurt, scared, and cold. A police officer and a few others followed Roux, but the scared pup made rescue attempts difficult, so professionals were called in. Animal rescue arrived and Roux was soon rescued and brought to the vet.

Roux’s injuries included a collapsed lung, ruptured diaphragm, and a severely shattered back leg. He was also very cold from spending the night outdoors.

The sweet pup spent about 5 days in intensive care and required two surgeries: one to repair the tear in his diaphragm and another surgery to place screws, plates and wires to fix his broken leg.

Roux, the incredible survivor, was allowed to go home on December 1st and he will need to rest with minimal activity for two months. He continues to improve each day and is quite a happy boy except for that pesky cone of shame. If you’d like to follow updates on Roux’s status, visit his Facebook page (linked above).

Total claim amount: $9,743.82
Deductible applied: -$0 (deductible met on previous claim)
Exam fees: -$250.00
10% co-insurance: -$949.38
Trupanion repaid: $8,544.44


THANK YOU – Without you guys, Roux wouldn’t be here.

Thank you, Cara, for letting us share Roux’s story and your beautiful photography!

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