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Pet of the Week: Samara

This week, we would like to introduce Samara!

Samara came to us just 10 months ago as a foster at 4 years old. We quickly fell in love with her, and needless to say – she is now apart of the family. She is an absolute goofball and can make you smile no matter what mood you’re in. She loves to be wherever you are, and absolutely loves to cuddle. She has 3 other cats she shares the house with, but she can’t figure out why they won’t play with her! We do catch them snuggling on the couch, tho. She adores our son who is 7.5 months, and smothers him with her giant tongue. Bones are her favorite and her walks are the highlight of her day. She loves each and every person she has met, and is a true ambassador for her breed. She is very gentle, but also doesn’t know her own size and thinks she’s a lap dog! She loves swimming, but thinks shes an alligator in the water! We love her to death and couldn’t have asked for a better pooch!

Samara seems like such a sweetie and full of love. Thank you Lindsay for sharing her story and photos with us!

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