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This Week in Testimonials – 12/14

Yep, that’s why you’re the only pet insurance company I recommend to clients – and the one I have for my pets. 🙂 @Trupanion -@VetAdventurer

Ou Great Dane Pottsee would not be here ifit was not for Trupanion….you are honest, fair,compassionate and the best insurance company out there…Thank you so much for allowing us to provide Pottsee with her neede3d care~! -Tracey B.

Fleur De Lis (bottom silver): Thanks, Trupanion! I’m so glad you are around!! My brother tends to think hair elastics are food and well.. you know the rest. Without you, mom wouldn’t have been able to afford the $2700 surgery to have it removed!
Moqui (*Moh-Key* top brown): Yeah-seriously… I mean, it was delicious and totally worth it… but we wouldn’t have been able to afford Fleur De Lis (she’s 6 months younger than me) if mom had to pay for the whole surgery!
Me: ♥ Thanks for helping my family live and grow. ♥
-Rebecca B.

Fleur De Lis and Moqui

I have a beautiful Choc Lab having knee surgery this morning. She is a real trooper because this is her 3rd surgery she has had both hips done. I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to Trupanion! Without you there would be no Abby! -Cheryl K.

Abby and Diego

After 15 months of treatment and over $12,000 medical care we lost our cat Bones the last day of November.

Trupanion was with us every step of the way and made it possible to give our cat Bones a good 15 months he otherwise would not lived.
They were very fair and generous in paying claims. We even received a hand written note of condolence from Trupanion.

I give Trupanion my highest rating as both an insurance provider and as an organization that cares about their clients.

Thank you Trupanion! As long as we have pets we’ll have Trupanion.
-Randy S.

This is Frasier right after his ACL surgery two months ago. He’s almost back to his normal self now, playing and running around just in time for Christmas 🙂 thanks so much to Trupanion for helping us take care of him! -Desiree R.


A heartfelt thank you from Zhenya and me!! I can focus on taking care of him knowing Trupanion is taking care of everything else. Y’all ROCK!! -Sheri M.


Trupanion just paid off on a big claim (on our rescue dog). And boosts awareness of rescue pets. Could this be the Best. Company. Ever.? I’m thinking… Yes! -Solomon P.

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