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This Week in Testimonials – 12/28

Thanks for taken care of Rebel!!! -Lena K.


Its a comfort to know that if my two dogs should get hurt or sick , with Trupanion they can get the best care . -Donna S.

Did I mention I got paid a big claim from @Trupanion for my dachsie’s back surgery last year? Rate still went down bc they don’t punish you! -@LadyRadagast

@Trupanion You are a cool company. That is all. -@joshnet

Great company! I’m happy my dog has insurance coverage with Trupanion. Jorge P.

@Trupanion I am so glad we have had coverage for our girls, (pomeranians) for 2 yrs.. TY trupanion! -@Pster13

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