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TruStory: Gus

Sue's Corgi pack. Gus is at the top right.

Gus was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia when he was one year old, which is rare for small dogs. He had surgery last month, and I was delighted when the vet told me yesterday at his 6 week post-op appointment that the surgery was successful! Hooray!

I was extremely impressed with Trupanion’s professional, prompt, and caring service throughout this process. The communications I received were from REAL compassionate people. I was also thrilled when I found out that Trupanion will be covering 90% of the cost of the surgery. I will definitely be using Trupanion for every dog we own forever!

-Sue G.

Total claim amount: $4,424.24
Deductible applied: -$169.88
Exam fees: -$130.00
10% co-insurance: -$412.44
Trupanion repaid: $3,711.92

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