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Turning Pet’s Cremated Remains into Gems

Pets are so loved that they are treated like members of the family in many cases. This also means that when they pass on, we are left heart-stricken with grief. Some choose to bury their pet in a special place in the yard, some buy pet memorial stones, and some may buy a stuffed animal that resembles their late pet.

A unique way of commemorating pets is becoming popular and that trend is taking a pet’s cremated remains and having them made into gem stones. LifeGem is a company located in ElkGrove Village, IL which receives orders mostly from dog and cat owners, but has also made gems for a few birds, rabbits, and horses.

The starting cost of a gem is about $250, although some pet diamonds can cost up to $1,400. The gems can then be made into jewelry so that the pet owner can be reminded of their late pet on a daily basis.

What do you think; would you wear jewelry that was made out of your pet’s remains?

Read more about the process in a recent Wall Street Journal article.

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